the warrior process

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story Power

“Our perceptions of our stories might shape our reality but our patterns reveal the truth.”

The real power of story lies in its ability to bypass our logical brains and go directly to our hearts causing us to behave or respond to situations as though we’re on autopilot, which is why we must consciously look at the patterns in our lives to move us from what we thought we believed, to discover what is truth.

Storied moments are our clues!   (Signature program: “You’re Not the Boss of Me!”)

If you’ve ever asked yourself, Who am I now that I’m no longer married? have this job? a full-time mom? live here? a student? or dating him? OR Why do I always seem to struggle so much with my relationships? Then it’s time to awaken your inner Warrior and bring the full power of her story to the surface!

relationships awaken

All situations are relationships and all relationships are stories. Human beings are genetically linked to a powerful need for attachment; severed relationships tend to intensify this need. If we’re open, we can direct its energy toward making a significant new connection to ourselves.


Beauty is in the “archetype” of the beholder. We attract what we project. Having a better understanding of the different aspects of our personality adds an extra dimension that both enriches our inner lives and increases our awareness. They’re CLARITY prompts! They give us visibility to the underlying connections of our senses! They’re patterns of instinctual traits and behaviours that help us make the abstract, concrete. Just like stories! Who are you anyway?

Personal development

Joseph Campbell encouraged us to find our personal myth and follow our bliss, which has to do with living in harmony with our purpose and depth, our authenticity. Discovering who we are means letting new knowledge in. It’s the K.E.Y.! (Keep Educating Yourself)

Fitness heals

Every person, all events in our lives are here because we’ve drawn them here. What we choose to do with them is up to us. When we recognize our personal responsibility with respect to our choices, healing becomes a question of purposeful direction. It’s active participation. It’s choosing to jumpstart our pattern of default thinking to improve the inherent fitness of our lives– mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.


It inspires CONFIDENCE in others but most importantly, in ourselves.


Let’s unlearn and relearn the Power of your Story together.

Let’s reveal the Warrior within.

Learn. Live. Light.

Reclaim your brilliance and resilience through the power of story and motion!